With the onset of the worldwide financial crisis in recent years, businesses have been focusing on mere survival, and few have invested sufficient effort in building a strong brand that reflects their advantages over competitors – that in the long run can lead them to success. In this daily battle to “stay alive”, they don't stop to identify what makes them unique, or attempt to understand evolving market needs. So they are not adapting to market changes.



A successful business can only expand at the intersection between market needs and the unique advantages – the differentiation - of the business in question, that lies outside of what competitors are offering.  Within this overlapping area, FRISBEE searches for and defines business ideas that have not yet been covered by competitors, and may not be matched by them in the near future.

For example:

  • Special qualifications of the managers and teams
  • Novel business ideas
  • Specialty products and/or services
  • Beyond the norm personalized customer service

We call this overlapping area the WINDOW of OPPORTUNITY. A business that strategically locates itself within this window, is distancing itself from the competition, and can be generously remunerated for its products and/or services.


FRISBEE  guides its clients through the process of identifying its specific Window of Opportunity, then accurately creates the principal marketing message to be distributed to potential clients.


The WINDOW of OPPORTUNITY lies at the intersection between

market demand and the unique advantages of each business …

yet outside of the competitors' arena.