How do we accomp lish this?

Great Brands for great Businesses

FRISBEE's unique working process is based on vast experience in branding and providing marketing communications to large companies and corporations such as: 3M Innovation, NETAFIM (the world leader in drip irrigation), ECI Telecom, Huliot, Telrad, Classerica, Commonsense, Omen, Polyrit, Estar-Medical, and many more.


FRISBEE provides you with everything you need:

Strategic Planning – what are the products/services and at which target audience are they aiming? Which market demand do the services/products fulfill? What are the firm's USPs (Unique Selling Propositions), and what are the client benefits?

  • Branding & Creation of the Brand symbols - name, tagline, slogan, logo, visual concept and principal marketing message.
  • Brand Implementation – graphic design of brand symbols and total visual concept, copywriting of marketing oriented content, website building, production & launch, search engine optimization, social media exposure, advertising, trade presentations, printed materials, signage, etc.
  • Implementation of brand values and written content into the daily activity and spoken language of the business.


Can the Frisbee Solution Work for You?

We have already served businesses in all the following fields: Hi Tech start-ups, Software and Apps, traditional industries, academical institutions, research centers, Design & Architecture, many branches of Medicine and Dentistry, Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Clinics, Online-retail (E-commerce), Jewelry (including the Diamond industry), Gardening, Performing arts (including leading Illusionists & Magicians), Music, Organizational Consultancy, Tourism, ground breaking Innovative Products and many others. In every case and for every client, we have studied the arena, and successfully created brands and marketing tools that WORK. We would be delighted to do the same for you too.


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