Yoram Bar-Sela

Yoram, a many faceted entrepreneur with a flair for exciting innovations, has been engaged in the branding of large scale companies and small businesses for over 20 years. In addition to his qualifications as a Marketing Communications expert, he is an Industrial Designer with a B.A. degree from the BEZALEL Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, and worked at Bezalel R&D, a subsidiary of the Bezalel Academy for 10 years. Subsequently, he was co-owner and manager at Aroyo Bar-Sela advertising agency (5 years), and co-owner of Magic Marketing (9 years) that specialized in corporate branding and unique marketing solutions.

Yoram is a lecturer at the Industrial Design Department of the Hadassa College in Jerusalem. His teaching is focused on the correlation between design and business management: The Foundations of Marketing, Preparation of Business Plans and Entrepreneurship. Yoram also lectures to young business managers at MATI, Young Centers and other business support institutions in Israel. In his spare time, Yoram writes about Arts, Design, Music and other local and international events in his blog: www.tarbutandthecity.com. (“Tarbut” means Culture). This blog has achieved a significant position in the online cultural arena in Israel, and is also popular with  many Israelis abroad.


Branding for Small Businesses:

Based on his vast experience in the branding of large companies such as: 3M, Koor Industries, Netafim, TTI Telecom, Telrad, EDI Telecom, I-Scan Robotics, Estar-Medical, Commonsense and others,  Yoram has created a new method for the branding of small businesses. He believes they deserve to receive the same benefits as the larger companies. His unique process, more affordable than the regular branding process, takes advantage of the much faster decision making process in small businesses (less management and teams involved), reasonable time-to-market with lower costs and the more easily attainable goals of reaching a smaller market niche. In recent years, Yoram has also been responsible for the branding of many free lance professionals such as performing artists, designers, architects, medical doctors and medical suppliers, individual online retailers and more.


Website design and building:

The world of Internet allows small businesses to act in the global arena, in the “big guys” playground. At reasonable cost, they can research their target markets, maintain a presence in their market arena of choice, and reach potential clients and strategic partners all over the globe.  Yoram creates powerful websites that attract many visitors and are designed to achieve prominent placement in search engines.  This enables the small business to deliver its messages and cause potential clients to remember, prefer, buy and remain loyal over a long period of time.

Extra-curricular FUN Businesses:

Yoram uses the synergy between his creativity and experience, combined with his many years as a much sought after professional magician, to establish highly original “magical” business activities:

The Disappearing Dwarf – Yoram is a game lover. He has created and operates mind boggling GIANT magnetic games for parties and events. www.hagamad.co.il

 Magical Tales – Yoram has invented and produced novel magical effects  that turn the professional magician into an enchanting storyteller, via sets of wondrously illustrated giant playing cards, that are combined with highly amusing stories – and surprising punch lines!  www.magical-tales.com


For more details, contact Yoram at: Yoram@frisbee-branding.co.il