Ouriel Amgar

Born in Greece, Ouriel graduated Graphic Design in Athens in 1998, and relocated to Israel. After 5 years as a graphic designer at leading advertising and design firms, he established his own private business - creating top-class graphic design and unique Photoshop visuals.


Fields of Activity:

Graphic design – Ouriel is engaged in creating brands and visual languages to dynamically, effectively and attractively present small and large businesses to their target markets. Ouriel is a great listener. He has the ability to get into people's brains with an innate understanding of the best way to approach them and motivate them to act in their own best interests.

Photoshop creations – Ouriel is one of Israel's leaders in Photoshop Art. He creates imaginative images for advertising agencies and direct clients. If you can dream it – Ouriel can bring it to life. He is extremely talented in producing great ideas and visual creations for each marketing message.  Ideas that your clients will instantly understand and admire. He is in fact a Photoshop wizard, and his amazing “out-of-the-box” artistic twists turn even the mundane into exciting visuals.

You are welcome to browse through the attached booklet of his visual creations.


Over the last 10 years, Ouriel has worked closely with Yoram Bar-Sela in the creation of exciting brands. Among them are: Huliot, Classerica, EVS, TEVA, Estar-Medical and many more. As an integral part of the branding process, Ouriel creates impressive marketing communication tools that are highly noticeable and appreciated in the markets.

For more details, please contact Ouriel at: ouriel@frisbee-branding.co.il