Website Definitions

How to define a website that improves business efficiency and generates sales.

Building a website that works requires careful orchestration between a variety of professional disciplines: the business managers, content collectors, copywriter, graphic designer, programmer, hosting service provider, Search Engine Optimizer and maintenance team. All of these must be finely tuned to achieve the desired results and smooth coordination throughout the process.

FRISBEE’s diversified background enables us to consider all these aspects and provide you with a comprehensive and well designed brief that will guide all involved. Whether you decide that FRISBEE will provide you with design and programming or not, this initial brief will help you obtain the required results from the people you eventually hire for the job.


Your website should be based on a careful understanding of the needs and wants of your potential clients. Providing content to meet these needs will attract them to your website again and again, and probably persuade them to purchase from you.


Data sources:

We usually base our work on the following sources:

  • Interviews with the client's management team, customers and others of influence.
  • Website research of competitors and similar businesses worldwide.
  • Keywords and search engine exposure research


Website definitions cover the following areas:

  • The marketing objectives
  • Image & Design – based on the brand manual
  • Structure of the website and internal hyperlinks between the contents
  • Structure and contents of every typical page (texts, pictures, video, sound, downloads)
  • Important keywords
  • Technological platforms for programming and hosting
  • Writing style – specifically applicable to each target market
  • Specific applications: contact forms, mailing list collection, social networking etc.


The Highest Score for Building a Website:

Can only be achieved via a preliminary document of accurate definitions based on a comprehensive understanding of the relevant market. This will enable well tuned team cooperation that will result in the creation of a powerful website that will attract many readers, generate a meaningful user experience and reader excitement, distribute the marketing messages, and by the end of the day… also sell your products. 


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