Design and Website Construction

How to design websites that provide a great user experience, deliver the marketing messages and accelerate sales.

Above all, your website must be attractive and unique.

You only have 3 seconds to attract the reader and entice him to stay on your website. Otherwise - he may leave your site immediately, and never return.


Your website has to reflect your company image, and visually support your marketing messages. Like every other marketing tool, it has to be magnetic and exciting - leaving the reader with a meaningful experience, relevant to your business activity.

Your website must ignite the reader's curiosity, and make him click into the inner pages.

These are the main principles that guide us in our design.

We don't have a style of our own. We tailor-make YOURS.


In many cases, we utilize Ouriel Amgar's unique talents as a brilliant Photoshop Artist. He can create “imaginary” visuals as required.

If suitable, we also offer special content pages such as market oriented calendars which represent all the activities of the specific global markets, tracking of projects in process, professional articles  etc., in order to attract your readers to step back in from time to time.

Our job is only completed when your website is ready for launch - to host your online visitors. The content management interface is extremely user-friendly, so you can keep on updating your website by yourself through the site’s back office.


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