Copywriting for the Internet

How to win the battle on search engine visibility and your potential clients‘ minds.

Our combined, highly diversified professional background and vast experience, enable us to quickly learn almost every subject and to understand what the customers in your relevant market are looking for in order to make their decisions. Take a look at our portfolios. Whether the  subjects are Hi-Tech, Medicine, Consultancy, Industry, Science or Arts, we learn the professional language, and deliver the suitable messages - in an exciting way – keeping them relevant to the brand values. Then, we implement these concepts and texts into the website, trade presentations, brochures, advertising material and direct mailing.

With Linda’s specialty of market-oriented copywriting expertise at our disposal, we offer not only the highest level of mastery of the English language, but a knowledge of the mentality and business customs of potential clients in English speaking markets. The added bonus is that wherever you are in the world, and no matter your level of English, you can supply Linda with all your basic information in poor English (or in Hebrew) and she will transform it into the PERFECT content that you need.

We know how to navigate the fine border between clear communication of the messages and creative presentation. We combine these two aspects to complete each other and not compete with each other. As we work extensively with export companies, both English and Hebrew are our mother tongues. However, we have also accumulated considerable experience in producing materials in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Russian and more.

Like small beacons of light in the darkness, our websites attract readers and capture them for longer periods of time, as they stay to read many pages and much content. This is probably a direct result of our focusing on the potential readers themselves, rather than the owner of the business.

We invite you to click on some of the homepage pictures of websites we’ve been involved with and judge for yourself. In most cases, we were responsible for the branding, website specification and structure, copywriting, graphic design and programming.


In some cases, we were also asked to take care of the daily updating, maintenance and statistics control.

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