FOLLOW UP - Direct Mailing & Newsletters

The most effective way to promote your website and increase circulation.

Worldwide market research indicates that direct e-mailing is the most powerful tool to attract  relevant readers to websites. The key word is FOLLOW-UP. Establishing a loyal client data base, and keeping in touch with them. Periodic Newsletters with interesting and pertinent information about your business, products and services, plus amusing anecdotes, keep you in contact with your customer base and show them that you care. It’s a way of making them feel that they belong to a circle of like-minded individuals, and they can’t forget you!


Our service covers:

  • Creating interesting programs for Clients’ Clubs and attractive content for direct mailing
  • Implementation of automatic registration to the mailing lists (always including an automatic removal option)
  • Copywriting for newsletters and targeted messages
  • Design and production of mailing materials
  • Continuous control of statistic figures


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