Internet Marketing

The marketing revolution of the 21st century.

The Internet arena is in a constant state of evolution. To the professionals who can navigate and exploit its characteristics and depth, web based platforms provide powerful tools for generating day-to-day contact with potential clients, distribution of marketing oriented data to accurately targeted audiences, active sales, crowd funding, management of vendor relations and much, much more. In this day and age, every business is automatically expected to have an updated website. In fact if a business doesn’t have a website – in essence, it simply doesn’t exist!

Correct management of integrated digital marketing is the secret to attaining a central position in company branding as well as ensuring the continuous empowering of the brand.

In this new era of social networks that is dramatically changing the face of 21st century marketing, building a new website is only the first step towards the generation of effective personal communication with existing and potential clients. These days, as ever evolving new technologies change the behavior and buying processes of customers, professional management of digital communication requires integrative marketing activities in 4 channels:


Website content:

Must be highly attractive, easy-to-read (never a boring moment ..)  be accurately directed to the interests of the target audiences, and be kept up-to-date and relevant. FRISBEE provides dynamic WEBSITE CONTENT, direct mailings and trade presentations.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization:

With proper management, search engines can attract and lead to your website many more relevant visitors than you would ever bring in any other way.  We provide SEO services to strategically place your business in higher positions of search results.


Social Media Marketing:

Provides a vast number of daily based channels to potential clients. They allow you to keep customers instantly updated, while building their confidence and loyalty towards you. As part of our marketing network, we nurture targeted blogs and websites for different market segments. As a powerful addition to our Social Media Management services, we enable our clients to enjoy the benefit of these online and “smart device” based channels.


Direct e-mailing:

Worldwide market research indicates that direct e-mailing is by far the most powerful tool to increase your website's exposure. It is important to continuously update your mailing lists and mail relevant content to people who are interested in receiving them, and thereby attract them to visit your website. We recommend implementing automatic registration forms on the websites we build, define marketing activities, design mailing messages and newsletters, write the texts, and if required -  manage and execute the entire mailing program for our clients.


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