Linda Triffon

Putting your BEST FACE forward … 

Linda is an English copywriting and Marketing Communications expert with over 25 years experience running her own company Business Creations, as well as being an integral part of the Frisbee Branding team. Linda believes that the secret to successful global marketing is projecting a polished business image – that reflects your experience & expertise, professionalism, high level of customer service and above all, knowing how to identify your COMPETITIVE EDGE. 

It is all about BRANDING … 

Today, the English language has become the common denominator within the global marketplace. Therefore it is imperative that all your marketing materials be in PERFECT English and specifically adapted to the business and social culture of your target markets. The image you project becomes your calling card to initiate international business relationships. It is essential if you wish to compete in the worldwide marketplace.


What does she bring to the table?
  • The highest level of mastery of the English language, and a knowledge of the mentality and business customs of potential clients in English speaking markets
  • Crisp, marketing oriented copywriting  designed to each specific target market
  • Original ideas and creative solutions for all marketing media and advertising – creating messages that SELL!
  • Attractive, easy-to-read WEBSITE CONTENT – aimed at keeping the visitor riveted to the site

Wherever you are in the world, and no matter your level of English, you can supply Linda with all your basic information in poor English (or in Hebrew) and she will transform it into the PERFECT final marketing presentation that you need.

Her long client list - encompassing nearly every conceivable business, industrial, agricultural, eco-energy, educational, professional and artistic arena -  from Hi- Tech giants such as Comverse, Intel, Scitex and TelRad, renowned organizations (e.g. Dun & Bradstreet, Bank Mishkan, the Israel Export Institute, The Israel Ministry of Tourism and the Israel Diamond Institute) to famous Illusionists and magicians like Nimrod Harel, Eran Biderman and Yigal Mesika.

Prior to entering the Marcom arena full time, Linda was a prominent figure in the Israeli Incoming Tourism industry and was a pioneer in building various tourism infrastructures to enhance Israel as a tourist destination.

 "Turn-Key" Projects  over the years included:
North Hills Inc. – 1.5 year project to establish the infrastructure and operate a Corporate Marketing Communications department.
Biblical Horizons – 2 year project establishing/building/launching an incoming tourism Christian Travel & Pilgrimage company for Horizon Tours Ltd.
Nazareth 2000 – research & consultancy regarding Nazareth's tourism infrastructure for the Millennium - for the Israel Ministry of Tourism and the Nazareth Municipality.
Tour-A-Kit the Talking Guide to Israel – a 4 year independent project creating, writing, narrating, producing and marketing a Travel Kit geared to Individual tourists comprising 7 audio cassettes, 7 booklets and 7 maps.


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